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Water Refilling Station-The Revenue Guarantee In Having This Business

You may be discouraged to build your very own water refilling station at this point in time, taking into consideration the competition as well as the serious financial crisis. As discouraging as it appears, you may want to read the whole story first prior to closing the book on all its sections.

It’s true that you’ll be competing with numerous, but with the growing society, 100 million against a thousand water refilling station business is not even close to equal ratios. There’s no sign of a population drop or perhaps a total stand still in the surge of pollutants and contaminants anytime later on.Should the trend continues, there will come a time when having water purified as well as treated is no longer an option but a necessity.Alternatively, you can consider the earning opportunity that will make all the challenges you’ll deal with worth the money eventually.

Here’s a rundown on the worst case circumstance.

A maximized capital expenditure when owning a water refilling station could be P500,000.00 That is, the water refilling equipment is priced at P250,000 and the rest is allotted to the making of the shop (a minimum of 20 sqm.), logistics (pedicab or e-bike), handling of all the charges, and buying all the essential equipment such as containers and stickers.

The manpower fees each month can go up to P16,000, if you add the wages of your personnel. That’s 200 a day for the vehicle driver, refiller and another assistant (either working the counter or for transport).Overall, each will receive a salary of P5200 per month or an approximation of P16,000 for all personnel.
Your monthly electrical and phone bill put together will surely cost around P4,000.Allocate P1,000 for other likely fees,and you will end up with a P21,000 operations expense on a monthly basis.
However if you can sell 50 40-gallon containers each day at P40.00 for Thirty days, you will get P60,000 in monthly sales. If you deduct your month-to-month operational expenses of P21,000 you still have P29, 000 profit left. With earnings like this, it will take a minimum of 17 months so that you can recover your investment.
Needless to say, in reality, that’s in fact not bad since your initial investment could go lower than P500, 000. It’s probable you can minimize the size of your shop, therefore lowering construction expenses. If you can find a supplier who can present top quality equipment at a good price, in that case your expenses can go lower still. Overall, getting P300,000 would be sufficient so that you can have a good water refilling station, especially with the rise of top quality suppliers these days.

On the operation side, you can probably hire just 2 employees since you can assist supervise the operation. Don’t try to cut down the cost of your products as well as services; imagine strategies to create a great value-for-money experience among your customers.

Focus on quality and service, and also carry out steps for instance ensuring your storage containers are tightly sealed, showing promptness of delivery, giving a cash back guarantee, or releasing helpful flyers that focus on the health benefits of your water.

Overall, you have to think of ways to increase your quality and bankability as a water refilling station, instead of participating in a cost cut competition.

Lastly, don’t expect to have greater than 50 deliveries a day once you start off. Orders can rise in the next months, plus it probably will considering that you’ve prepared for this company some time before, bearing in mind numerous components: the location, competition and expenses. Once again the worst case circumstance isn’t really so bad once you look at the exciting financial rewards you’ll gather from the best case scenario of this business.

The reality though is this: you have to do your research to learn if this industry is for you, if there’s still a spot in your town you can fit in, or maybe you have the desire to pursue the competition. To make it easier, you’ll find a water refilling station supplier that’ll be clear enough to inform you if you can end up being one among the many wealthy fans of healthy water business.
If you have what it takes, you’ll be earning provided that there’s excellent purified, mineral or alkaline water flowing.

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